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Our team of credentialed experts knows that people issues can be frustrating and confusing to our clients, especially when you're also juggling everything else necessary to keep the company competitive and profitable. Even organizations with a dedicated HR practitioner on staff can take advantage of our candid and impartial approach.

We all live in a time of tremendous change and uncertainty. Job seekers who want a career in the cannabis industry are looking for more than just a paycheck. They expect to join a professional environment which values their contribution, rewards performance, and is quick to thoughtfully address HR concerns.

Your culture matters. Attracting and keeping talent doesn't end on a new hire's first day. You'll need to invest energy in training, performance management, formal recognition and rewards, compensation and succession planning, etc. The list is extensive, but it doesn't need to be overwhelming.

So, while you and your management team are checking off all those compliance boxes (and there are many), don't neglect the more human touches that will set your cannabusiness apart from the rest. The results will speak for themselves.

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