Relationships are fluid. Coworkers may develop an instant bond, only to see it unravel over time. The reasons for such a breakdown can be many.


While most of us endeavor to keep the peace and find a silver lining where possible, not everyone is able to act with emotional intelligence and common courtesy. When someone badly violates your trust or that of a teammate, the situation is often irreparable. Occasionally, a relatively minor disagreement can escalate into all-out war.

Human beings are a complicated species that don't always behave in a way that's rational or foreseeable. Just look to today's fragile world for high profile examples of that phenomenon. 

So when conflict rears its ugly head, you must respond sooner than later to address it. Otherwise, your people resources, customers, vendors, and even potential investors will start to lose faith in your brand and take their talents and business elsewhere.


& Dispute Resolution

Wouldn't it be great if everybody just got along with one another?

In the modern workplace, that fantasy is about as likely as pigs taking flight. So when you sense or are told that something isn't right between two or more of your employees, you'd be prudent to pay attention.

We're trained to diffuse heated disputes and move minds back toward a baseline of mutual respect. When sparring parties understand that their behaviors are counterproductive to the entire organization, they're more inclined to mend fences quickly and put the gloves away for good.

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