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The emergence of any new industry brings its own set of challenges. The legal cannabis space is no exception, yet inherently different from just about anything we've seen before.


While there are many providers vying for partnerships in matters of legal compliance and technology solutions, Your HR Bud is uniquely positioned to encourage a sense of ownership among your staff. By inspiring enthusiasm and genuine interactions throughout all levels of your hierarchy, we'll unlock discretionary effort and higher performance.


Human capital is your company's most significant and consequential asset. With that truth in mind, we set out to build relationships that focus on your specific needs today, as well as your future goals and aspirations. From that knowledge we'll craft a plan that anticipates how to most effectively support, and efficiently reward your team during each stage of the business life cycle. 


Paying close attention to the individuals you entrust with your livelihood is paramount to long-term success. In the same way that a plant demands the proper soil, light, water, nutrients, and other environmental factors to thrive, so too do your employees require nurturing to bring their best to work everyday.


Your HR Bud will chart a path forward that puts the power of your people first.




I founded Your HR Bud after almost two decades toiling away in the dog-eat-dog microcosm of corporate America. Truthfully it wasn't as rough as it sounds, because there's a lot to be gained from helping organizations evolve in size, scope, and revenue.


Yet I often observed misplaced emphasis on profit, and substantially less attention paid to the well-being of employees who were making these companies so successful.

The longer your people chain, the more important it becomes to inspect and fortify every link, from top executives to each hourly and part-time worker. When the chain is weak or broken somewhere, repercussions aren't typically limited to only a few isolated incidents or individuals.


Obviously, you can't stay in business without a strong balance sheet, and money and time are constrained resources in any environment --- especially for start-ups. But you won't expand and remain prosperous if you don't invest back into your workforce. This includes making ongoing, honest assessments of each team member and his or her impact on your culture and bottom line.


From ever-present technological innovations, to historic intergenerational differences, to the struggles of simply building a viable enterprise within a rapidly changing and harshly competitive economy, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. We totally get that.


So, don't go it alone! Your HR Bud allows our clients to more effectively strategize and benefit from the people-first dynamics that contribute to next-level growth in this new world of work.





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